Walking your dog in San Rafael  is a beautiful thing,  strolling along with Rufus and Tommy enjoying your walk and they take a moment to relieve themselves. You forgot your bags to pick up the pooh what to do?

Scoop or not Scoop. That is the question.

From what we can see at the trails scooping poop in Novato is not a practice, practiced.

Bags of dog poop left on the Claremont Canyon fire trail. Photo: Alan Saldich.

Of course this is the favorite, scooped bags left for someone else.

I have two schools of thought on this one,  A) pick it up and remove B) Move & Cover

Often times I see piles of poop in the middle of the trail this of course is a time to pick it up. But you may want grab some grass and move that pile off the trail. This way you don’t have a bag that will take longer to decompose than the pile itself.

Dog waste removal Marin