Residential Rates

Our rates are based on how often we clean and how many dogs you have. In some neighborhoods we can clean two or three times per week. We offer bi-weekly or monthly cleaning as an alternative, please call about pricing. Most clients have one to two dogs and have weekly service. We haul the waste on all cleanings.
Golden retriever puppy in Petaluma

Weekly Service

  • 1-2 Dogs $145.00 ( Per Month )
  • 3-4 Dogs $165.00 ( Per Month )

Twice Weekly

  • 1-2 Dogs $185 ( Per Month )
  • 3-4 Dogs $200 ( Per Month )

Every Other Week

  • $95.00
Commercial Clients: Please contact us for your solution to the poolution! We would be happy to provide your space a quote to keep it poop free!
we accept all credit cards

One Time Clean-Ups $150

Call Today – (415) 595-5762