If you have a difficult dog, you may just need a new training technique. Here are tips to help you train a difficult dog.

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1. Don’t Repeat Commands

If your dog does not obey, walk away from them

Your rejection is a good temporary punishment

When you repeat a command you make it okay for your dog to delay obeying and still get a treat

2. Offer Better Treats

Some dogs are not motivated by your average treat

Some dogs respond better to new or rotating treats

Try cheese, dried liver and other high-value food, or try praise, toys and games of fetch as rewards

3. Train in Short Bursts

Dogs have short attention spans during training

Dogs may get mentally drained by long sessions

Training in short bursts throughout your day ensures your dog gets the most from every session

4. Train in Different Areas

Dogs think that different places have different rules

Dogs need to be exposed to many different places

Make sure that you’re setting expectations for your dog’s behavior in every area, including on walks

5. Give Treats Randomly

Always give praise when your dog obeysyou

Verbal praise is a good substitute for food treats

Giving treats randomly helps wean your dog off needing treats to behave and obey your commands

6. Invest in New Tools

Get professional help to understand the newtool

Tools can subvert training when used improperly

Choke collars, shock collars, clickers, whistles and other tools can help you train a difficult dog

7. Be Consistent

Dogs are creatures of habit and consistency matters

Make sure everyone in the family is on the same page

When you train your dog, always ask for a behavior the same way and reward only full obedience

8. Take a Break

It is easy to get upset when your dog won’t listen

Getting upset only confuses and upsets your dog

If you get emotional during training, take a break and only pick up training when you’re calm again

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