Marin County is a big place that is brimming with dog lovers. There are so many of us that we support several unique pet stores that offer unusual pet shopping experiences. Whether you’re a foster mom to a handful of lovable mutts or a dog dad who does agility on the weekends and has a stylish collar for every weekday, the perfect pet store is waiting for you in Marin County.

Here is our list of the top five best pet stores in Marin County, with a glimpse at their wares, special offerings, and which kind of dog will love it the most.

1. Best for the Energetic Puppy: Woodlands Pet Food & Treats

Where: 701 Strawberry Village, Mill Valley


The Mill Valley branch of Woodlands Pet Food & Treats is a favourite spot for many in the Marin Pet Waste Removal family. It’s an especially great stop for those who just picked out a new puppy, as they offer everything you need to get your dog home comfortably on his or her first day and well socialized and trained through his or her first years. If you have a question about your pup’s health, try stopping by at the store’s community veterinarian clinic. New dog owners who work unusual hours will love that the Mill Valley location is open to 8:30 pm every day. Stop by and socialize your puppy with the people and pets there.

2. Best for the Picky Eater: Just Food for Dogs

Where: Inside San Marin Animal Hospital at 103 San Marin Dr., Novato


While other pet shops are trying to bring you the latest pet accessories, from leashes to pillows, this simple store focus on just one thing: food for dogs. And that focus is a big relief to dog owners who are dealing with adjusting their four-legged family member’s chow for a new diagnosis, illness, allergy, or just picky taste buds. The store offers a huge range of food formulas, with additional supplements that can be hard to find elsewhere. Most are available in single-meal portions, so you can help overweight dogs return to normal size. Another gem this store offers is live probiotics, an unusual find that can help dogs with chronically upset tummies be more comfortable.

3. Best for the Fur Fashionista: Dogville

Where: 554 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo


An unusual pet store experience, Dogville is all about finding your companion the accessories that reflect his or her personality and style. Is your pooch the type to sit, dignified, by the fireplace in a simple leather collar? Or the type to romp outside in the sun with a yellow designer collar? You don’t need to know exactly what will suit your dog, because Dogville’s expert style staff also offer personal shopping, delivered to your door. Or head to their physical location to check out the largest selection of collars and leashes in Marin County. Don’t worry. You can also pick up your dog food, beds, treats and toys while you’re there.

4. Best for the Artistic, Insightful Dog: George

Where: 2420 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur


George is not a traditional pet store. You’ll find collectibles, memorabilia, and pet ephemera in this quaint and dog-friendly shop. While your dog enjoys the fresh-baked, from-scratch treats, you can indulge in delightful pet products that are stylish and modern, or vintage and cute (whichever you prefer). Plus, George carries more traditional pet wares from water bowls to leashes. Each of George’s locations throughout California is brimming with character and, therefore, unique in its own way. We’ve had good luck at the Larkspur location, finding gifts for the pet lovers in our life.

5. Best for the Rescue Pup: Pet Cottage

Where: 218 Greenfield Ave, San Anselmo


Sometimes a dog owner needs a supportive community to draw on. If you need to call up a pet expert to help handle the quirks of your new rescue or some guidance on how to keep your senior dog comfortable, then the Pet Cottage is right for you. You can expect caring staff who draw on a range of organic, holistic foods and remedies to make the right match for your dog. They carry a huge selection of the Fromm Family pet foods, and a range of thoughtfully selected toys, leashes and other accessories.

If you’d rather be out exploring the best pet shops in Marin (with your furry friend at your side) instead of picking up their droppings in the yard, we’ve got you covered. You can spend more time exploring when you choose Marin Pet Waste Removal.