Are Greyhounds Good Pets for Seniors?

Are Greyhounds good pets for seniors? A Greyhound might just be the opportunity seniors are looking for. There are plenty of greyhounds in need of adoption, they have very minimal grooming needs, and a friendly and gentle demeanor. However, Greyhounds are not always a good match for seniors, because they’re big dogs who need to [...]

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How to Calm a Restless Dog at Night

Having a restless dog at night can feel like being a new parent. Your pups feel anxious, and that makes you anxious, especially because nighttime anxiety is a particularly challenging dog problem to handle. Your first instinct may be to rush right in and pet your dog or give him or her treats. However, you [...]

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Why Does My Dog Poop So Much?

Perhaps the least joyful part of dog ownership is picking up their poop. And, if you’ve noticed that your dog’s poop has increased in frequency, that could be a reason to be concerned. Most dogs have consistent food and predictable routines, so changes to poop might be a sign of illness and could require a [...]

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The Best 5 Big Inside Dog Breeds

While you might think of small dogs as being the most low maintenance of the breeds, there are many big dogs who have low energy needs and a calm demeanour that makes them perfect for living with kids or in a small home. Thankfully, breeders have blessed us with many “gentle giant” type dogs so [...]

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The Three Major Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is an exciting process, but it also requires that you commit. If you want to give this dog a forever home, you need to be sure that he or she is right for you. Whether you are adopting from a rescue group, or an owner, there are three major questions to [...]

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