5 Common Foods that Can Hurt Your Dog

Before you pass your dinner plate over to your dog, you should know that some of the foods we regularly digest are actually toxic to your dog. Sometimes we expose our dog to small amounts of these substances and, when nothing happens, we mistakenly believe that they are safe for regular consumption. However, higher amounts [...]

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How Do You Comfort a Senior Dog?

As dogs age, they slow down. They develop some of the health concerns that aged humans do but, unlike humans, can’t advocate for their own comfort. Caring pet owners may be at a loss for exactly what kind of comfort they can provide their dog. But these suggestions can help you tailor your dog’s environment [...]

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How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Litter Box

Dogs can be very loving members of the family, but can also have some very bad habits now and then. They may howl or bark too much, they might chew on furniture or your favorite shoes, and may enjoy tipping over trash cans. But when you have a dog that gets into your cat litter [...]

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Top 5 Tips on Choosing a Pet Bed

Nothing beats curling up in a comfortable, warm bed on a chilly winter night. I'm sure your pets agree. Animal buddies spend substantially more time resting than humans. They require comfortable, supportive bedding (up to 20 hours a day for cats). Your pet's age, size, coat thickness, and desire for more or less cushioning play [...]

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Why Do Dogs Follow You to the Bathroom?

Having a four legged companion by your side can be an enjoyable experience. They give you unlimited love, thoroughly seem to enjoy your company, and will follow you around the house - even when you might want a little bit of privacy. Having your furry friend follow you into the bathroom is a common occurrence. [...]

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What Should I Do If My Dog Keeps Sneezing?

While a single sneeze from your dog isn’t anything to worry about and may actually be kind of adorable, constant sneezing can be a sign that your dog’s nose isn’t doing so well. It might seem like overkill to bring your dog to the vet for a few sneezes, but there are many causes that [...]

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