The Best Dog Friendly Hedges and Shrubs

Does your four-legged friend like to sample the leaves in your backyard? Or maybe your dog likes to dig away at the roots of the new shrubs you introduce? You can get hedges and shrubs that can better withstand the challenges that your dog brings their way and that are safe for them to much [...]

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How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on the Lawn

Dogs are creatures of habit, and when they pee in the same spot a few days in a row, they can create spots on the lawn. Most will be yellow or brown, and the dead grass may even spread. However, not all dog urine spots are bad; some are a darker green. Here’s how you [...]

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Four Big Tips for Training a Difficult Dog

Dogs have varied personalities, just like people do. While some are quiet, eager to please, and patient, others are stubborn, willful and plain difficult. If you have a difficult dog, you may be struggling to get even the basics of training down. Don’t despair—there are many steps that you can take before you need [...]

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How to Set Good Pet Policies for Your HOA

HOAs that allow pets need to set good pet policies that can balance the competing needs of those in the building. Pet rules can make a safer and healthier environment for the owner’s pets while also balancing community needs and owner freedom. How do you create just the right pet policy? Here are some [...]

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Is Dog Poop a Health Hazard?

animals don’t clean up after themselves, so is it really a problem if you let your dog’s poop sit out for a few days or longer? Won’t it eventually turn into dirt anyway? No, it won’t. Dog poop is a health hazard, and leaving it out in your yard could be dangerous for your pets, [...]

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