The 5 Best-Behaved Dog Breeds

With the proper training, any dog can be well-behaved. However, there are some dogs that are easier to train than others, both because they are smart and because they want to please their human and obey instructions. Smart dogs that can make their own decisions are prized for independently herding livestock or for responding to [...]

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The Best Dog Parks in Marin and Sonoma

Dog parks are great places to socialize (both for you and your dog), hang out with your buddy, and get some fresh air. Even if your pooch does not require much exercise, most dogs look forward to dog park days. Here are some of the best dog parks in the coastal counties of Marin or [...]

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What Does It Mean When a Dog Just Stops and Stares?

You walk into the room and find your pup just staring at a wall. Or, you’re on a walk with your four-legged companion and then they suddenly stop and stare. This might not be normal for a human, but is it normal for a dog? Should you be worried? The behavior could be normal or [...]

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5 Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops in Sonoma County

Whether you’re writing the next best American novel in a quaint coffee shop or catching up with some friends while you sip elaborate lattes, there is no reason that your dog can’t be by your side. At least, not if you’re in Sonoma County. We have plenty of coffee shops where your best friend is [...]

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How To Introduce A Rabbit to Your Dog

According to APPA, 68% of US households own a pet, and 90 million are dogs. So, what happens if you want to have a rabbit join the mix? Well, if you do, you might first like to learn how to introduce the two pets. Learning to help them interact and get up may bring peace [...]

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Which Dogs Require the Least Exercise?

While we might have once relied on dogs to work for us, guarding livestock, hunting by our sides and pulling carts, you probably don’t need your dog to do any of that. If you care more about your dog’s heart and cuddling potential than their athleticism, it might even be wise to choose a dog [...]

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