8 Ingredients in Dog Food that Can Cause Health Problems

Picking out the best dog food can be a big challenge. Food manufacturers sometimes pick less than ideal ingredients to cut costs or appeal to humans who don’t necessarily understand a dog’s nutritional needs. There is also a lot of debate about what kind of macronutrient balance is best for dogs and whether grains or [...]

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Can Medical Cannabis Be Used for Dogs?

There are many corporations out there touting the benefits of their medical cannabis products for dogs. How much of this is a sales pitch, and how much is actually backedup by research? Unfortunately, while the benefits of medical cannabis are well established for humans, there isn’t much research on medical marijuana for dogs. We’ll walk [...]

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What is Grain-Free Dog Food?

Grain-free dog food is dog food made without grains. They shouldn’t contain wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, rice, millet, sorghum or other cereal grains. Does grain-free food meet your dog’s nutritional needs, and is it a good thing to switch your dog over? We’ll discuss these issues below, but don’t forget to check in with [...]

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5 Ways to Help Shelter Dogs Without Adopting Them

If you are a dog-lover who just can’t take on a new dog right now, you don’t have to feel that shelter-induced guilt. It’s true, there are plenty of dogs who could use forever homes, but you don’t need to adopt one to make a difference. Here are five ways to help shelter dogs even [...]

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The First 30 Days after Adopting a Dog: What to Expect

Giving a shelter dog their forever home is a great thing. But, in the first 30 days after adoption, it may not quite feel that way. Dogs, especially ones with unstable pasts, respond to changes in their environment in some weird ways. And it may be weird for you to adjust your daily schedule to [...]

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