Help, My Dog Isn’t Pooping

Taking your dog out for a walk or letting them romp around in the yard is part of your daily routine with a furry family member. But you may notice your dog not pooping, or showing some signs of having trouble pooping. Constipation in dogs is not uncommon, and can have a range of causes. [...]

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Are Boxwood Plants Toxic to Dogs?

Yes, boxwood plants are toxic to dogs, according to the Pet Poison Helpline. But, they may not be as toxic as your expect. Boxwood is a common ornamental plant that many people enjoy having in the yard. Unfortunately, if you dog gets curious and eats it, they could be seriously ill. Here’s what you should [...]

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Why is My Dog Acting Scared for No Reason?

When your dog is distressed, he or she can’t tell you why. Often though, we can interpret why our dog is scared because there is an obvious trigger, like a thunderstorm or another dog. But, what if you can’t tell why your dog is scared, and it seems like suddenly they have developed fears, for [...]

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Why Did My Dog Start Pooping In His Crate?

Crate training your dog is a great way to help him adjust to a wide range of situations. Crate training not only keeps your dog safe when you are away from home or sleeping in another room, but it can also provide him with his own space to go when he wants to relax. Your [...]

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5 Common Foods that Can Hurt Your Dog

Before you pass your dinner plate over to your dog, you should know that some of the foods we regularly digest are actually toxic to your dog. Sometimes we expose our dog to small amounts of these substances and, when nothing happens, we mistakenly believe that they are safe for regular consumption. However, higher amounts [...]

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