What Human Foods are Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Who can resist setting down their plate for their dog or forking leftovers into their bowl? Occasional human foods can be a great treat for your dog, so long as you make sure that those foods are safe for them to eat. Some human foods, like chocolate, garlic and onions, may make your dog sick [...]

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8 Tips for Training a Difficult Dog

If you have a difficult dog, you may just need a new training technique. Here are tips to help you train a difficult dog. Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to Marin & Sonoma Pet Waste Removal with this graphic. 1. Don’t Repeat Commands If your dog does not obey, walk away from [...]

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Cold Weather Safety for Dogs in California

It doesn’t often drop below freezing in most parts of California, so you may not be familiar with how to keep your dog safe in our coldest conditions. That may be a problem if you head for a hike in the mountains, take your dog for a walk on our coldest winter nights, or give [...]

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The #PreventDogBites Campaign to Protect Mail Carriers

Nationwide, 6,244 postal workers are bit by dogs annually. Last year, 47 were bitten in San Diego alone. To help combat it, the Postal Service has started a campaign called #PreventDogBites to help raise awareness about strategies dog owners can use to help protect postal workers. At Marin Pet Waste Removal, we also walk onto [...]

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11 Dog Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you love dogs you are also likely to love the outdoors and you probably want to take care of your landscape. But sometimes it can feel like your passion for your pet and your passion for your greenspace conflict. Dogs can be hard on landscapes, destroying grass and gardens, and tearing up your ground [...]

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The Best Dog Friendly Hedges and Shrubs

Does your four-legged friend like to sample the leaves in your backyard? Or maybe your dog likes to dig away at the roots of the new shrubs you introduce? You can get hedges and shrubs that can better withstand the challenges that your dog brings their way and that are safe for them to much [...]

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