Dog Adoption

If you’re thinking about bringing a dog into your family, you should consider adopting. There’s an abundance of dogs in shelters that would make the perfect pet for the right home. When you rescue a dog from the pound, a special bond is formed between you and your new canine companion. In exchange for giving it a home, it gives you as much love as it can. 

We do your best to answer any of your dog adoption-related questions, along with passing on any tips or advice we’ve come across through the years. If you’re new to owning dogs, cleaning up after them might be a bit disconcerting. Fortunately, we offer residential pet waste removal throughout Sonoma and Marin county.

Why is My Rescue Dog Sleeping So Much?

Does it seem like your rescue dog is sleeping too much? Normally, healthy adult dogs sleep about 13 hours per day. In fact, they may spend about half of their life sleeping. Still, your new dog should be relatively active when you are. So why might he or she be sleeping too much, and [...]

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