Dog Diets

Dog diets are very fickle: some foods they can digest easily, and some are completely off limits. Learn how to make sure your dog is properly fed, and how to avoid toxic food.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

What should you do if your dog has eaten chocolate? First, don’t panic! Typically, symptoms of chocolate poisoning don’t develop for dogs for six to 24 hours after they ingest it (although in extreme cases it may be as little as four). You have time to call your vet and make a plan to get [...]

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Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

Is it idle curiosity or something more serious? From the human perspective, it is hard to understand why any creature would want to eat grass, especially not your dog, who has delicious food available just inside the house. Why would your dog eat grass? And should you do anything about it? Here’s what you need [...]

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5 Common Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Are you the kind of dog owner who likes to hand over your plate to your pet when you’re done with it? There are some foods you certainly can’t pass on, but others that your dog will really love and that can even aid digestion and provide nutrition. Here are five common human foods that [...]

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Five Common Plants that can Hurt Your Dog

When you’re planting your garden or walking past your neighbor’s gardens, it’s important to consider your dog’s health. There are some very common plants that can hurt your dog and cause anything from nausea to very serious effects that require veterinarian intervention. 1. Begonias These bright, full-sun flowers are often sold in containers at the [...]

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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop

It’s a disgusting habit, but many dogs pick it up. They might eat their own poop, other dog’s poop, or the droppings left behind by whole other species. Whatever the reason, you likely want to discourage your dog from eating feces, not just because it’s gross but also because it can be harmful. Here [...]

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