Dog Diets

Dog diets are very fickle: some foods they can digest easily, and some are completely off limits. Learn how to make sure your dog is properly fed, and how to avoid toxic food.

Should You Give Your Dog Aspirin?

You can give your dog small amounts of aspirin. Vets might prescribe aspirin for all kinds of pain-related reasons. However, should you give your dog aspirin? There are risks of every medication, but also risks of leaving pain untreated. Here’s what you should consider before you talk to your veterinarian. Benefits of Aspirin for Dogs [...]

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Most Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Has your dog been leaving behind runny poops? They aren’t pleasant to clean or for your dog to experience. What’s causing your dog’s diarrhea, and what should you do about it? Here are the most common causes of diarrhea, potential remedies, and when to reach out to your vet. 1. Food Changes Most commonly, dogs [...]

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Can Medical Cannabis Be Used for Dogs?

There are many corporations out there touting the benefits of their medical cannabis products for dogs. How much of this is a sales pitch, and how much is actually backedup by research? Unfortunately, while the benefits of medical cannabis are well established for humans, there isn’t much research on medical marijuana for dogs. We’ll walk [...]

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What is Grain-Free Dog Food?

Grain-free dog food is dog food made without grains. They shouldn’t contain wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, rice, millet, sorghum or other cereal grains. Does grain-free food meet your dog’s nutritional needs, and is it a good thing to switch your dog over? We’ll discuss these issues below, but don’t forget to check in with [...]

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What Human Foods are Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Who can resist setting down their plate for their dog or forking leftovers into their bowl? Occasional human foods can be a great treat for your dog, so long as you make sure that those foods are safe for them to eat. Some human foods, like chocolate, garlic and onions, may make your dog sick [...]

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