Dog Health

There are a number of different health complications and illnesses that your dog can suffer from. Health issues such as various skin diseases, dental issues, ear infections, respiratory problems, and intestinal parasites can lower your canine companion’s quality of life. Depending on a number of factors such as age, breed, and past complications, your dog will need different levels of care and maintenance throughout its lifetime. If cleaning up after your pup gets to be too much, give our residential pet waste removal specialists a call.

If you start to notice a difference in your dog’s habits and behaviors, especially when it comes to its eating and pooping patterns, be sure to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

The Best Dog Friendly Hedges and Shrubs

Does your four-legged friend like to sample the leaves in your backyard? Or maybe your dog likes to dig away at the roots of the new shrubs you introduce? You can get hedges and shrubs that can better withstand the challenges that your dog brings their way and that are safe for them to much [...]

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Is Dog Poop a Health Hazard?

animals don’t clean up after themselves, so is it really a problem if you let your dog’s poop sit out for a few days or longer? Won’t it eventually turn into dirt anyway? No, it won’t. Dog poop is a health hazard, and leaving it out in your yard could be dangerous for your pets, [...]

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Why is My Dog Acting So Distant?

Sudden changes in dog behavior are always troubling, but a sudden avoidance is especially so. Dogs are meant to be our close companions. When they don’t want to be near us, something may be seriously wrong. Why is your dog acting so distant? A few things could be the root cause that soured your [...]

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What to do if Your Dog Gets Sprayed by a Skunk

When you have a dog, one of the things that you know might happen, especially if you live in a rural area, is your dog being sprayed by a skunk. Most dog owners have had this happen to their dog at least once. If you have a dog, it’s good to be prepared just in [...]

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How to Calm a Restless Dog at Night

Having a restless dog at night can feel like being a new parent. Your pups feel anxious, and that makes you anxious, especially because nighttime anxiety is a particularly challenging dog problem to handle. Your first instinct may be to rush right in and pet your dog or give him or her treats. However, you [...]

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Why Does My Dog Poop So Much?

Perhaps the least joyful part of dog ownership is picking up their poop. And, if you’ve noticed that your dog’s poop has increased in frequency, that could be a reason to be concerned. Most dogs have consistent food and predictable routines, so changes to poop might be a sign of illness and could require a [...]

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