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There are a number of different health complications and illnesses that your dog can suffer from. Health issues such as various skin diseases, dental issues, ear infections, respiratory problems, and intestinal parasites can lower your canine companion’s quality of life. Depending on a number of factors such as age, breed, and past complications, your dog will need different levels of care and maintenance throughout its lifetime. If cleaning up after your pup gets to be too much, give our residential pet waste removal specialists a call.

If you start to notice a difference in your dog’s habits and behaviors, especially when it comes to its eating and pooping patterns, be sure to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

How Can I Exercise My Dog Without Walking Them?

Everyone starts off in dog ownership hoping to meet their dog’s needs for exercise, but sometimes life gets in the way. Perhaps you’re recovering from surgery or an injury, perhaps you have new life commitments you simply can’t avoid, or perhaps your dog needs more exercise than you thought that it would. Whatever the case [...]

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Five Common Plants that can Hurt Your Dog

When you’re planting your garden or walking past your neighbor’s gardens, it’s important to consider your dog’s health. There are some very common plants that can hurt your dog and cause anything from nausea to very serious effects that require veterinarian intervention. 1. Begonias These bright, full-sun flowers are often sold in containers at the [...]

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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop

It’s a disgusting habit, but many dogs pick it up. They might eat their own poop, other dog’s poop, or the droppings left behind by whole other species. Whatever the reason, you likely want to discourage your dog from eating feces, not just because it’s gross but also because it can be harmful. Here [...]

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Should You Give Your Dog Aspirin?

You can give your dog small amounts of aspirin. Vets might prescribe aspirin for all kinds of pain-related reasons. However, should you give your dog aspirin? There are risks of every medication, but also risks of leaving pain untreated. Here’s what you should consider before you talk to your veterinarian. Benefits of Aspirin for Dogs [...]

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