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5 Common Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Are you the kind of dog owner who likes to hand over your plate to your pet when you’re done with it? There are some foods you certainly can’t pass on, but others that your dog will really love and that can even aid digestion and provide nutrition. Here are five common human foods that [...]

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How to Plan and Build a Dog Park in your Community

A community without a dog park is a disappointing one indeed. Where will you go to meet cute dogs, get your pet some off-leash time, and hang out with other dog owners? You don’t have to go without these fun benefits. You can plan and build a dog park in your community. Here’s how you [...]

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How to Design a Pet-Friendly Flower Garden

Do you have a puppy going through the curious stage? Or a partly cat who likes to sample every plant in your backyard? The average garden could have plants that are toxic to pets or that have sharp thorns and annoying burrs. Plus, some other garden elements are more pet-friendly than others. Here is how [...]

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How to Reunite with a Lost Pet

Being a pet owner doesn’t prepare you for when your pet gets lost. Unfortunately, the predictable and lovable pet you know will act very differently when lost or frightened. This may make it very hard for pet owners to reunite with their four-legged friend, even if you or the search party has gotten a glimpse [...]

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4 Tricks for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

Who doesn’t want to capture the essence of their dog in a few treasured photos? Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand how to pose for the camera, so getting that perfect shot isn’t always easy. Getting someone else, especially a professional pet photographer, to handle the camera is a good first step, but what else should you [...]

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Four Big Tips for Training a Difficult Dog

Dogs have varied personalities, just like people do. While some are quiet, eager to please, and patient, others are stubborn, willful and plain difficult. If you have a difficult dog, you may be struggling to get even the basics of training down. Don’t despair—there are many steps that you can take before you need [...]

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