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4 Tricks for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

Who doesn’t want to capture the essence of their dog in a few treasured photos? Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand how to pose for the camera, so getting that perfect shot isn’t always easy. Getting someone else, especially a professional pet photographer, to handle the camera is a good first step, but what else should you [...]

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Four Big Tips for Training a Difficult Dog

Dogs have varied personalities, just like people do. While some are quiet, eager to please, and patient, others are stubborn, willful and plain difficult. If you have a difficult dog, you may be struggling to get even the basics of training down. Don’t despair—there are many steps that you can take before you need [...]

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The Best 5 Big Inside Dog Breeds

While you might think of small dogs as being the most low maintenance of the breeds, there are many big dogs who have low energy needs and a calm demeanour that makes them perfect for living with kids or in a small home. Thankfully, breeders have blessed us with many “gentle giant” type dogs so [...]

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The 5 Best Pet Stores in Marin County

Marin County is a big place that is brimming with dog lovers. There are so many of us that we support several unique pet stores that offer unusual pet shopping experiences. Whether you’re a foster mom to a handful of lovable mutts or a dog dad who does agility on the weekends and has a [...]

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The 8 Best Dog Friendly Bars & Pubs in Marin County

It’s always nice when we can bring our furry children around with us when we venture out into the world. Our dogs are a part of our family, and we want to be able to take them with us wherever we go. And when we get turned away from our favorite bar or pub because [...]

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The Mental Benefits of Walking Your Dog

It’s no surprise to see articles touting the physical health benefits of walking your dog. Walking is, after all, physical exercise, whether or not your dog is with you. However, fewer people realize that walking your dog affects your mind and heart as well as your body. Your walk with your four-legged friend can help [...]

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