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Is Dog Poop a Good Fertilizer?

Everyone knows that cow manure makes a great fertilizer for farmland, gardens, and lawns. You may think if cow manure works, so will dog poop. Unfortunately, dog poop does not make a good fertilizer, and in fact can end up severely damaging or even killing your luscious lawn. If that wasn’t bad enough, dog poop [...]

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Why Do Dogs Follow You to the Bathroom?

Having a four legged companion by your side can be an enjoyable experience. They give you unlimited love, thoroughly seem to enjoy your company, and will follow you around the house - even when you might want a little bit of privacy. Having your furry friend follow you into the bathroom is a common occurrence. [...]

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The 5 Best-Behaved Dog Breeds

With the proper training, any dog can be well-behaved. However, there are some dogs that are easier to train than others, both because they are smart and because they want to please their human and obey instructions. Smart dogs that can make their own decisions are prized for independently herding livestock or for responding to [...]

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What Does It Mean When a Dog Just Stops and Stares?

You walk into the room and find your pup just staring at a wall. Or, you’re on a walk with your four-legged companion and then they suddenly stop and stare. This might not be normal for a human, but is it normal for a dog? Should you be worried? The behavior could be normal or [...]

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How To Introduce A Rabbit to Your Dog

According to APPA, 68% of US households own a pet, and 90 million are dogs. So, what happens if you want to have a rabbit join the mix? Well, if you do, you might first like to learn how to introduce the two pets. Learning to help them interact and get up may bring peace [...]

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