Residential Rates

Our rates are designed to be simple, clear, and all-inclusive. That means no hidden fees!

Our pricing is based on how many dogs you have and how often you want your yard cleaned–and that’s it. Other pooper scoopers might charge more for larger yards, if you have a patio, if your yard is on a slope, whether they have to pick up poop on gravel, and a lot of other things, but we don’t.

Call today to learn more or to schedule your first pickup service.

Weekly Service

  • $50 setup fee

Twice Weekly

  • $50 setup fee

Every Other Week

  • $50 setup fee

We’re All Inclusive

While other pooper scoopers may try to nickel and dime you, our services are all inclusive:

  • No restrictions on the size of your yard
  • Service for hillsides, garden beds, patios, walkways, grass, gravel, overgrown grass, undergrown grass, weeds and on plants at no additional cost
  • We’ll check your front yard for any “neighbors’ gifts”
  • Hosing off patio or grass (by request, if hose is readily accessible)
  • Take the poop with us (every time)
  • Say hello to your pup and fill their water bowl if needed
Commercial Clients: Please contact us for your solution to the poolution! We would be happy to provide your space a quote to keep it poop free!

Marin & Sonoma Pet Waste Removal

Other Pooper Scoopers

Large Yards √ Included x Extra
Hillsides √ Included x Extra
Garden Beds √ Included x Extra
Patios √ Included x Extra
Walkways √ Included x Extra
Grass √ Included x Extra
Gravel √ Included x Extra
Overgrown Grass √ Included x Extra
Undergrown Grass √ Included x Extra
Weeds √ Included x Extra
Poop on Plants √ Included x Extra
Front Yard √ Included x Extra
Hosing off Patio or Grass* √ Included x Extra
Take the Poop With Us (every time) √ Included x Extra
Say Hello To Your Pup √ Included x Extra
Fill Your Pup’s Water Bowl √ Included x Extra
* By request, if hose is readily accessible

What Our Clients Say!

5 stars review

We love this! Completely great service. Mike and team get rid of the waste and are always friendly and helpful. This means I don’t have to worry about sending the kids out back to play. He even rinses the patio down as needed since my dumb dog pees on the patio!

Natalie F., San Rafael, CA