Dog Waste Removal in San Rafael CA

Having a pet as part of the family is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. But cleaning up after your pet is no fun for anyone! That’s where our team can help. Since 2013, we have been cleaning up the mess your dog leaves behind in the yard so you don’t have to worry about it!

Our team knows you have better things to do than spend time each week scooping and raking your yard. If you’ve ever found yourself searching for a company that specializes in dog waste removal in San Rafael, you found us!

providing professional dog waste removal in San Rafael CA
we can provide commercial pet waste clean up

Residential and Commercial Services

Letting dog poop build up in your yard is not only very unsightly, but can be bad for your health and the health of your pet too. Dog waste carries bacteria, but regular cleaning of your yard or dog play area can keep that bacteria to a minimum.

We don’t just service residential yards either, we can provide commercial pet waste clean up services for HOA’s, public gardens or parks, walking or hiking trails, apartment complexes, and more!

Our team can provide weekly, twice-weekly, or bi-weekly services to ensure your yard stays free of dog waste at all times. We know you’re busy and pooper scooping is the last thing you want to be doing. Let us help!

All-Inclusive Rates

It’s not uncommon for other dog waste removal services to nickel and dime you for extra services. If your yard is too large, is situated on a hill, is overgrown, or if they have to scoop poop off of gravel or a patio, you might be charged extra.

At Marin & Sonoma Pet Waste Removal, we don’t play those games. Our rates will depend on how often you want us to visit, and that’s it! We can show up on a weekly basis, come around twice per week, or skip a week in between visits.

We do not have a yard size restriction, nor will we charge extra if your yard is sloped, overgrown, has garden beds to work around, or if we’ll be scooping off of gravel, walkways, patios, or elsewhere.

We also go the extra step and can hose down a patio or grassy area if requested and a hose is accessible, as well as give your dogs a bit of love and attention while we do our job.

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