• the 7 best dog training options in Sonoma county

The 7 Best Dog Training Options in Sonoma County

Fido just won’t stop barking!

Rover loves tearing apart any furniture he can sink his teeth into!

Fifi won’t come when she’s called!

Rex is a biter!

Spot doesn’t like people touching him!

Do any of these situations seem familiar to you? It can be frustrating and sometimes even heartbreaking when your dog exhibits problematic behaviors. You may be left in a situation where you aren’t sure how to handle it, and all the while your furry baby’s situation is getting worse by the day.  If your dog isn’t behaving the way you want them to, you may be in serious need of a dog trainer.

Obedience training for dogs has become a thriving industry over the years, and the choices of who you want to train your dog are endless. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 7 best dog training options in Sonoma County! These facilities and trainers have demonstrated their skills and capabilities, and the reviews for every single one are glowing with praise.

Unleashed! Dog Training & Behavior Center

301 2nd St, Petaluma, CA 94952


Founded in 2003, Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center is immensely proud of its reputation for turning out rehabilitated rovers. Between all of their trainers on staff, they have over 30 years of dog training experience. The facility is one of the Bay Area’s most respected and includes several premiere Bay Area dog trainers on staff. Unleashedis often referred to by other trainers, vets, local rescue groups, and humane societies.

No matter if your dog is a puppy or a gray-muzzle, Unleashed provides training courses for dogs of all ages and breeds. And the programs range from all kinds of behavior training, from arousal management and basic obedience courses, to puppy training, potty training, and so much more!

Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort & Training Center

860 Lindberg Ln, Petaluma, CA


Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort is a state-of-the-art facility, where your pet is always treated like family! Owners Marci and Grant Garl are dedicated to providing the best location and experience for your dog to train and be comfortable. With multiple play/train rooms, a pet grooming spa, plenty of space to run and play, and the only certified Green climate controlled ventilation system in Petaluma, you can guarantee that your dog will not only be comfortable and safe, but quite happy when you bring them by.

Fit ‘N’ Furry’s training program is wide and encompassing for all kinds of training needs. Whether you need to teach your pup some proper manners, how to communicate better, or just some basic obedience skills, you can guarantee that Fit ’N’ Furry will help your dog replace those bad behaviors with good ones.

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County-Wide Dog Training Club, Inc.

887 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407


If you’re looking for a facility that can train your dog with some more finite skills, then check out County-Wide Dog Training Club Inc. They offer a wide assortment of useful and fun classes at their indoor facility in Santa Rosa.

County-Wide is proud of their training staff, who all are more than qualified for the classes they teach. Their courses range from simple obedience and puppy training, through some more advanced skills, such as tracking, pet therapy, draft dog tests, agility, earth dog and hunt testing, and more!

Incredible Canine Training Center

3163 Juniper Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407


If you’re specifically looking for someplace that specializes in curbing severe behavioral issues like aggression and fear, then look no further than Incredible Canine Training Center. Their trainer, Patrick O’Connor, has trained dogs for over 45 years, and he has the experience you need to help train your dog to be more sociable.

Patrick’s approach to training is all natural, and focuses on the relationship between the human and dog. With a focus on the dog’s natural tendencies towards dominance/subordination, pack drive, and play drive, Patrick will help your dog to fall into their natural selves while also learning how to appropriate that behavior to your desires. Ultimately, your dog will end up doing as you say because they will be seeking your approval and affection, rather than a treat.

You May Also Be Interested In:

Balanced Behavior Inc.

7215 Conde Ln, Windsor, CA 95492


The recently opened new facility for Balanced Behavior Inc. is now open in Windsor, CA, and they can’t wait for your furry friend to come by for some one-on-one training. Balanced Behavior Inc. believes that dog training starts with treating every dog as if they were their own family. This philosophy translates in to every dog having one-on-one training with the staff, ensuring that your pooch feels pampered and focused on.

At the new facility, climate-controlled indoor/outdoor boarding suits have been installed for your pet’s comfort and safety. Play yards with pet turfs are available for meet-and-greets, training, and playtime. The owner and head trainer, Caity Hastings, has been working professionally with dogs for over 13 years, and she is dedicated to offering the best training tools to her clientele. Her belief is that there is not a solid singular way to train every dog, and stays consistently informed about training techniques for all sorts of temperaments. Balanced Behavior Inc. is ready to meet with your pooch and start training as soon as possible!

Brainy Dog Behavior Training

7960 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931


If positive reinforcement is a method of training that works for you, then perhaps consider looking into Brainy Dog Behavior Training. This facility uses a reward based training system to elicit proper or desired behavior from the dog. Brainy Dog uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to assess your dog’s behaviors, and adjust them. Just as well, they will also meet with you and discuss options for training your dog that you and your dog are comfortable with.

They offer a unique over-the-phone training service as well, which is a cheaper and quicker option for quick-fix training needs. All you’ll need is your dog, some treats, and a notepad, and you’re set to receive instructions. Brainy Dog Behavior Training really focuses on your dog’s intelligence and how they use it, and is focused on making training time as minimally stressful as possible.

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