Dog parks are great places to socialize (both for you and your dog), hang out with your buddy, and get some fresh air. Even if your pooch does not require much exercise, most dogs look forward to dog park days.

Here are some of the best dog parks in the coastal counties of Marin or Sonoma.

dogs playing in park

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

Dogbone Meadow in Novato, California

2551 Novato Boulevard

The largest fully-fenced dog park in Novato, Dogbone Meadow, is a great place to hang out with your dog. It has an excellent rating on Yelp; many dog owners keep coming back. Dogbone Meadow is an off-leash park. However, if you want to keep your dog under close watch, you can take a stroll on the 2-mile all-weather path or work out at the agility training center. You will also enjoy the water bowls, drinking fountains, scoops, pavilions, resting spots, and a dog-rinse area, but no soap is allowed – and make sure to bring your healthy dog treats if they’ve been a good boy!

If your dog cannot run around, don’t worry. You can hang out at the Gentle Play Area – a section of the park reserved for timid dogs, small dogs (under 30 pounds), and senior dogs.

Field of Dogs Dog Park

Civic Center Drive San Rafael, California, 94903

Sitting behind the Civic Center in San Rafael, next to the dog-friendly Lagoon park, is the Field of Dogs dog park. Many folks call it the Civic Center Dog park, and it has a great rating on Yelp.

The park has a perimeter fence. The interior has two sections – a smaller area for small and timid dogs and another for youthful and adult dogs. It also has an all-weather walk path, pavilions for the dogs, tables, and benches scattered around the park, and areas where you can sit, read a book or open your laptop and work. Your pooch will enjoy a wash in the kiddie pool after a sweaty day. The park management also provides plenty of waste bags and receptacles all around the park.

Mill Valley Dog park

450 Sycamore Avenue

The Mill Valley Dog park lies between Richardson Bay and the Marin Bike Path. Many visitors are awed by the breathtaking setting that features a visible skyline from the 2500 foot high Mount Tamalpais. But the kempt walkways, play areas, and resting spots also contribute to its top rating on Yelp.

Some of the amenities you and your dog will enjoy at the Mill Valley dog park include:

  • A swimming area
  • An agility and obstacle training section
  • Plenty of lawn to run around
  • Benches and picnic tables
  • Amazing viewpoints
  • Plenty of fresh drinking water.

The park is not fully fenced. Dogs yet to master the recall command should be leashed. Don’t forget to bring along a few bags to carry you through the day.

Rocky Memorial Dog Park

Casa Grande Road Petaluma, Petaluma, California, 94954

If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with nature and your furry buddy, visit the Rocky Memorial dog park in Petaluma. The park has breathtaking views, several walking paths around the perimeter, and plenty of open spaces. You can enjoy all these at no cost!

Since you can enjoy Rocky Memorial dog park at no cost, it is also a no-frills park. Don’t expect to get scoopers, poop bags, or lawn chairs. You should also bring your water, dog dish and bitings.

The park also is not fenced and has no partitioning for small or weaker pooches. Ensure your dog is fixed, fully vaccinated, and licensed.

Rohnert Park Dog Park

5010 Roberts Lake Road Rohnert Park, CA

The Rohnert Park dog park is an excellent facility for prospective dog owners, first-time dog owners, and anyone learning pet parenting techniques.

The park has a perimeter fence, a paved staging area, a shared running path, a pavilion-type shelter, and plenty of poop receptacles.

Since the park is home to sheltered animals, it is open to the public for fewer hours. But you can always count on finding resident dogs. Your pup will never miss an opportunity to mingle with others and be socialized. Plus, the management often provides programs to assist pet parents. Furthermore, they arrange sessions with professional pet handlers – a great plus that has resulted in excellent reviews on Yelp. You will also get assistance with vaccinating, sterilizing, and microchipping.

Villa Chanticleer Dog Park

Villa Chanticleer Road Healdsburg, Healdsburg, California, 95448

Although famed for hosting events like weddings and trade shows, the Villa Chanticleer also has a one-and-a-half acre off-leash dog park. It is part of the forested land around the villa.

The Villa Chanticleer dog park has two sections and two runs to separate the large and small-size canines and offer the best outdoor experience. The park has qualification criteria for off-leash dogs. They must be older than four months, vaccinated, and the owners must display control.

As a dog owner, you will find canvas roofed shelters, a sitting area, and poop receptacles. Dog owners also love to indulge in other recreational amenities within the park and often give excellent reviews on Yelp. While at the park, it is your responsibility to maintain cleanliness and always have your Sonoma County license in hand.

dog catching a frisbee

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Spending time with your furry buddy, whether at dog-friendly restaurants, beaches, or when shopping, is an excellent way to bond. But, these dog parks offer more than time out with your furry buddy. You’ll get opportunities to relax, connect and learn. Your dog will get a good workout and opportunities to socialize.