Perhaps the least joyful part of dog ownership is picking up their poop. And, if you’ve noticed that your dog’s poop has increased in frequency, that could be a reason to be concerned. Most dogs have consistent food and predictable routines, so changes to poop might be a sign of illness and could require a trip to the vet. However, you may first want to look through these reasons that dog’s bowel movements change and see if you can address the problem yourself.

Changes in Diet

Even perfectly healthy dogs will experience some stomach upset if their dog food changes dramatically. If you’ve recently given your dog a new kind of dog food, they may have frequent diarrhea. Next time, try to ease them into it by mixing the new and old food for a few days, slowly increasing the percentage of new food.

New treats may also be the cause of your dog’s stomach issues or foods he or she accidentally got into. If your pup raids your garbage or steals food off your plate, it’s wise to expect a bit of stomach problems. Just check that what he or she at isn’t dangerous or deadly to dogs.

Bowel changes may also be a sign of allergies or food intolerance. If you’ve given your dog some new food and they respond poorly, it may be best to avoid that food going forward.

Infections and Illnesses

Dogs get stomach bugs just as humans do. Plus, more serious illnesses can cause your dog to poop more often than is healthy. Parasites, bacterial infections, and a handful of dog viruses might all be the culprit. If you suspect your dog has an infection or illness, a vet can help.


Has your dog already been to the vet? In that case, the medications they received from the vet could be the cause of an upset stomach. For example, antibiotics commonly cause some tummy trouble, especially if you can’t get your dog to eat some food when you administer the medication.

However, if your dog suddenly has more frequent poop after a visit to the vet’s office, it could also mean that their condition is getting worse. Only the vet can tell you if you should be concerned, so give them a call.

Stress and Routine Change

Some humans get an upset stomach when they are stressed, and some dogs do the same. If your dog has a reason to feel very stressed, they could poop more frequently. They might feel more stressed if you move, add a new animal to the household, add a new family member, or make other major changes to the dynamic of the home or the home itself.

Routine change can expose your dog to some new foods or substances that they might eat. For example, if you move to a new home, you’ll want to check the yard to make sure there’s nothing in the yard that they might eat that could be dangerous.

When Should I Bring My Dog to the Vet?

Any major change in your dog’s pooping routine is reason enough to bring them to the vet. It’s better to be safe than sorry.