Pet Waste Removal in Windsor

The sense of community in Windsor is strong. You might not have time to pick up your dog’s poop, but you definitely don’t want it to send a message to your neighbors. That goes double for shared spaces, from green space at your condo or public parks. We handle your pet waste removal in Windsor so that you don’t have to. It’s cleaner, more convenient, and keeps things neighborly. Discover more about our pooper scooper services below.

pet waste removal in Windsor done right by our team

The Benefits of Pet Waste Removal

Why get a professional to handle your dog’s droppings? There are many benefits to our services, including:

a clean yard is just one of the many benefits of removing pet waste
  • Cleanliness: Whether you own a home or a business, keeping it clean is very important. Dog feces can harbor bugs and diseases, exposing your pets to either. And they can infect the ground with any parasites the dogs may have. This can develop into a recurring problem where the parasites in the soil reinfect your dog.
  • Convenience: Saving time and putting your energy elsewhere may be a big priority for you. Who has time to carefully comb through a lawn looking for poop?
  • A good impression: Having guests over? Trying to sell your home? Or are you always looking to make a good impression on customers? Whatever property you own, dog poop is sure to make it less appealing, and we can change that.
  • Ick factor: For some people, cleaning up after their dog is their least favorite part of pet ownership. If it’s too gross for you, there’s no need for you to handle poop.
  • Physical limitations: Maybe you’ve had a temporary or permanent health problem that makes it hard for you to pick up after your dog? We can sub in while you recover or help you care for the cleanliness of your dog’s yard permanently.

Is That Really Your Price?

Sure, the price some pooper scoopers quote looks reasonable. But we know that many then try to charge you for every little thing. Larger yards, patios, gravel, slopes, lots of plants, and other aspects of your yard are often used as excuses for pet waste removal companies to charge you more. Not us, though. Our services are all-inclusive so that you actually get the rate that we advertise.

Our residential rates are based on the number of dogs you have and how often you want us to drop by for cleaning. Our most popular service is a weekly clean-up for 1-2 dogs. That’s $145.00 per month and a $50 set-up fee for our first visit. That’s it. No extra charges if your yard is unusual.

Who Can Use Pet Waste Removal?

It’s not just homeowners who could use a pooper scooper’s services. We’re equipped to help people and organizations with much larger and more frequently trafficked spaces keep them free of dog poop. Businesses need to protect their reputation and keep their space sanitary. If you run an HOA or own a larger residential property, you may need to cater to your dog-owning tenants or residents. The same concerns face event venues, public parks, fairgrounds and, of course, dog parks.

We can help by providing consistent and thorough pet waste removal on any property that a dog might poop on.

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